Ozone is the most environmentally friendly and effective disinfectant. Ozone is a
powerful oxidant used in commercial and residential applications to disinfect airborne
and surface borne hazards.

Our patent pending system is the only system that is custom designed for your specific
space and will maximize the efficiency of the system. Our system will eliminate all
viruses fungi, mold and bacteria in your desired space itionand will almost completely
reduce the ability of the unhealthy germs to come back.

In addition, our patent pending device will run without the need for daily cleaning by
maintenance staff. Our device is – Work in that we can operate it 24 hours a day
including monitoring.

Yes. One of the unique features of the Green Solutions Ozone Generator is that we
customize ach and every location for the businesses specific location.

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Independent labs test have proven a 99.9 percent kill rate for all airborne viruses

For more information about our products and services: info@greensolutionsct.com

Our company provides a modern and very effective method of disinfection and sterilization using Ozone technology. We are the only provider of green(chemical free) technology, that eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi, and mold with a continuous solution to eradicate the problem withought harmful chemicals. In addition, many of our satisfied customers have been successful in reducing expenses related to the removal of harmful smells and disifectants

Our service is tailored to many residential, commercial, and industrial properties across the united states.

  1. For more information about our products and services: info@greensolutionsct.com
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